25 May 2012

New Email Addresses For Bethel Lutheran Church And Christian School

Bye, Bye AOL!

Bethel now has two new, main email addresses, effective immediately:

  • Church Office: church@bethelaurora.org
  • School Office: school@bethelaurora.org

In addition, there is a new email address for each functional area of the church:

  • Pastor Barb: pastor@bethelaurora.org
  • Office Secretary, Donna: office@bethelaurora.org
  • Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer.coodinator@bethelaurora.org
  • BCS Director: director@bethelaurora.org
  • BCS Office: school@bethelaurora.org
  • Choir Director: choir@bethelaurora.org
  • Organist/Pianist: keyboardist@bethelaurora.org
  • Children’s Choir Director: childrenschoir@bethelaurora.org
  • Bell Choir Director: bellchoir@bethelaurora.org
  • Senior Leadership Team: slt@bethelaurora.org
  • President, Congregation Council: president@bethelaurora.org
  • Vice President, Congregation Council: vicepresident@bethelaurora.org
  • Secretary, Congregation Council: secretary@bethelaurora.org
  • Treasurer, Congregation Council: treasurer@bethelaurora.org
  • Prayer Chain: prayer@bethelaurora.org
  • IT Team: it@bethelaurora.org

The old AOL email address has been closed. Emails sent to the old AOL address will receive an automated reply advising the sender of Bethel’s two new, main email addresses for the church office and school office, as well as pastor’s new email address.

Bethel members may apply for a BLC&CS email address to be used for church and school business only. Recipients will be required to sign the BLC&CS Email Use Policy. Also, church committees may request the creation of additional functional email addresses for their use.

The main church and school email addresses are now reflected on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America website: elca.org.

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