BCS Junior Kindergarten

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Junior Kindergarten Class

Four and five year olds join us in Jr. Kindergarten.  Here they get ready for kindergarten by recognizing letters and sounds and how to use them, counting, using numbers and patterning.  They also learn science concepts such as the scientific process, recycling and life cycles.  Students learn the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and begin to understand how God works in their lives.

This group is busy cooking, singing, exploring and getting messy with a wide variety of art projects that teach academic skills, Christian values and concepts from the Bible.


We offer a Tuesday/Thursday session with tuition $130 per month.
Our Monday/Wednesday/Friday session has tuition of $160 per month.
We have a Monday through Friday session with a tuition of $250 per month.

It is a super place to start!

1450 Airport Boulevard
Aurora, CO 80011-7721
School Office Phone: 303-364-2541
School Office Email: school@bethelaurora.org