BCS Preschool

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Preschool Class

  Preschool at Bethel is for 3 to 4 year-olds.  During preschool children are exposed to many, many topics and skills.  They learn the language of school and procedures such as standing in line, actively listening to a story, fine motor skills, large motor skills, colors, shapes, matching, sorting, recognizing and writing their name and a myriad of other academic tasks.  Interwoven with the academics are Bible stories, chapel time and the over-arching concept that God loves them.

We offer a Tuesday/Thursday class with a tuition of $140 per month.P1030798
We offer a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class with a tuition of $180 per month.
We offer a Monday through Friday class with a tuition of $285 per month.

It is a super place to start!


1450 Airport Boulevard
Aurora, CO 80011-7721
School Office Phone: 303-364-2541
School Office Email: school@bethelaurora.org