1 Sep 2012

Flourescent Light Conversion

As of July 14, 2012, government regulations state that T-12 fluorescent bulbs will no longer be made or sold in the United States. Unfortunately, all our ceiling light fixtures are T-12 bulbs. One of our options is to stockpile T-12s and continue to use them until they are all use up. This could be several years. When this time comes we will then have to convert to the T-8 bulbs and ballasts. At today’s prices that would amount to approximately $7,600.00. Until December of this year Xcel Energy is offering a rebate to convert. A committee of Jon Lohmer, Art Jones, Dick Wick, Bill Eirish and George Odernheimer has met and interviewed three electrical contractors and decided to move ahead with this conversion, taking advantage of the rebate. The total cost of this conversion will be $3,755,00 after the Xcel Rebate. This includes all the ceiling lights downstairs, secretary’s office, Past0r’s office, Fireside room, bathrooms, kitchen, church side lights, cross and altar lights, as well as all upstairs lighting.

The cost of this project will be made upon completion, which should be completed before the first of September. There are approximately 170 fixtures to be changed and we are asking, where possible, to buy a light for $25.00 to help defray the cost. By using our church credit card we save an additional 5% of this cost.

A lot of time and thought went into this endeavor. My thanks to all the committee members for their assistance.

George Ordernheimer

UPDATE: As of this printing the cost of the conversion has been met by our congregation. This is a standalone fund used for the lighting project only.

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