1 Jun 2012

Welcome to the Pink Wave!

You Can Start Flocking Your Friends On June 10th!

Supported by: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

When the “Pink Wave” comes, we want you to be prepared to enjoy the fun and participate in every way possible. Not only is it a great fundraiser for the youth, BUT a wonderful way to bring laughter to our members (and friends outside the church) as people will begin waking up to a wave of pink flamingos in their yard.

For a small amount of money, you can have the youth place pink flamingos in the yards of friends and enemies alike. The more you pay… the more birds they place! You can purchase insurance so that you will NOT have to contend with the birds in your own yard. However, the insurance lasts only for a few days!

Be Prepared for the FUN!!!

Definition: Pink Wave: 1) being flocked, overcome by the “bird flew”, or being “waved”. 2) Waking in the morning to a “flock” or “wave” of flamingos in one’s yard or on one’s property. 3) A FUNd-raiser to raise money for a youth group. 4) A fun way to share a laugh with a friend, family member or another member of Bethel.

How Does It Work?

1. For a donation of your choice, you can purchase a “flock” of flamingos to be placed in someone’s yard for a twenty-four hour period of time.
2. The person flocked will pay a$5.00 removal fee to have the “flock” removed.
3. The person will be given the option to have YOU flocked, if they so choose.
4. If you do NOT want to be “flocked” by the wave of flamingos, you can purchase INSURANCE for $5.00. However, the insurance only lasts for one week per $5.00 and… YOU MISS OUT ON THE FUN!

The WAVE Is Coming… June 10th-24th!

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