1 May 2012

May 2012 Youth Newsletter

Look Up!

A few years back there was a commercial on TV for T-Mobile cell phone plans. This was one where a girl calls her dad to say that she got a good grade on her exam. Her dad responds by saying that she used too many minutes on her cell phone. Then it cuts to the son who drives the car into the garage when the door is closed. The car is a mess and there is paint spilled all over the windshield. The dad looks into the garage and comments on how much the son has used his cell phone. It is funny because both times the dad has the cell phone bill in his hand.

Have you ever done something like that? Have you ever been so focused on something that you didn’t notice things around you? Have you missed the good things as they happened? Did you not pay attention when bad things did?

I think that in today’s world we are very busy. Probably busier than we should be. Not all of it is bad. Some are very busy with volunteer work or maybe in church work. I admire those people who want to take things on and then take on some more. (Those who know me, know that I am just that way. . .) However, I think we neglect to take time for ourselves. I don’t mean in a selfish way. I’m talking about just sitting down for a minute and taking a break. The dad in the commercial was always looking at the phone bill. As exaggerated as that was, I think it represents us and our lifestyle. Sometimes we need to look away from our “phone bill” and see what we’re missing.

The “phone bill” – mentioned above – represents things that we see as important. They may be. They may not be. Everybody has different degrees of importance. To me, baseball is important. Important because I like the game and I enjoy watching or playing it. Now, in the grand scheme of things, is it important? Unless I do it for a living, probably not.

Here comes the point I’m trying to make. Having all these activities and being involved in a lot of things is OK! However, we must be careful that they don’t become TOO important. Sometimes (maybe more often than not) we put so much importance on these things, that we forget to look up. While I don’t think it is intentional, I think we neglect to include Christ in our daily routines. I think we take it for granted that Christ is always there. The truth is, He IS always there. He’s there, but is He noticed? Is He acknowledged?

I encourage others to be involved in as many activities as they can handle. Just don’t leave out Christ. That goes for church work, too. It is very easy to do work in church, but I think sometimes we (myself included) tend to forget why we are there. Include Him. Make Christ the CENTER. Don’t bury yourself in the “phone bill’ of life. You could be missing out on some great stuff! Parents could be missing out on the hurt their children may be feeling. Kids could be missing the lessons their parents are teaching.

Next time you are involved in something and are really busy, stop for a moment. Take a breath. Most importantly, LOOK UP! See what you’re missing.

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