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1 Jan 2012

January 2012

From the Pen of Pastor Barb Lemke The focus this Christmas Eve was on the way God “interrupted” our world through the birth of the Christ child and how God still comes in and through those times when we find our lives “interrupted” today. Bethlehem’s world had been “interrupted” by the census takers as the daily lives of the people had to change to welcome those coming from far and wide to be counted by the Roman government. I am...

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1 Dec 2011

December 2011

From the Pen of Pastor Barb Lemke Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, November is almost over and we are fast approaching the Season of Advent. The time of expectation… the time of anticipation… the time of preparation. Our world so quickly passes by Thanksgiving, racing on toward the day of Christmas so sales can flourish! While the world is in the fast pace of skipping past the true meaning of the “Season”, we in the church attempt to focus...

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