Discipleship Team

Dive Into The Bible

Discipleship at Bethel Lutheran Church

The purpose of the Discipleship Team is to create opportunities for people of all ages to connect the Bible to their life. Whether it is through Sunday School, different Small Group Ministries, large group learning options or Vacation Bible School, we hope to create an opening for the Holy Spirit to draw each person into a deeper relationship to Christ.  Whether you are young or old, male or female, a member or a non-member there is a place for you.

So join us as we “dive into the Bible” for the time of your life!

From the beginning of time God has let the waters of life flow over the earth.  In the waters of baptism God’s rich, wonderful grace flows over us.  As we are refreshed with the cool streams of water in a desert the Holy Spirit refreshes us with the grace and mercy of God.  How do we know about God’s grace?  How can we experience the refreshing cool joy that comes from knowing Jesus?  How can we allow God to splash us anew?

It all begins in and through the WORD of life.  It is in the scriptures that God speaks to us… teaches us…encourages us…challenges us… empowers us to grasp God’s Holy Spirit and walk with Christ.

We hope you will choose to surf through the options available to you online and most of all in person as you join us in our desire to grow in Christ through the study of God’s Word.




The word “disciple” simply means “student”.  In the case of Christianity a “disciple” is one who follows the teachings of Jesus.  A true “disciple” moves from learning to action and action to learning.  It is a continual process of growth, challenge, change and service.

Discipleship involves spiritual growth which sustains us in our service and daily walk.  Spiritual growth includes the study of God’s Word (the Bible), prayer, worship, fellowship and ministry (service).

We invite you to learn more about following Jesus with us in the opportunities we provide.

Daily Bible Study Online

You may be one of those people who like to sit down and study God’s Word by yourself, yet without helps you feel a bit lost.  By clicking on the picture above you will be linked online to daily readings and helps for your personal Bible Study.  The studies follow the “lectionary” (a three year list of scripture readings followed by the major denominations in Christianity).