26 Jan 2013

El Salvador


Just wanted to send a quick update on life in El Salvador. It’s hot- not too humid though. We are living with a pastor and his wife across the street from the main church we are working with.

We have visited schools, a rehab center, a village church. Sharing about Jesus- Singing songs, doing dramas, and sharing testimonies.

I had a great birthday, getting hugged by tons of kids, my face being shoved in a cake (apparently its a tradition) and went to a natural springs pool to swim and relax.

Yesterday was our free day and we got to spend it at the beach being crush by waves and swimming in the ocean. It was fun and relaxing and now we all are a little bit red and the El Salvadoreans are laughing at us.

We are ready to begin another week of Ministry here in San Vicente, El Salvador.

I will update more when I can.

God Bless,


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