1 Mar 2013

El Salvador


It’s been great to be back on the international mission field. My first month was spent in San Vicente, El Salvador. My team stayed with a Pastor and his wife and we lived right across the street from the church. We did a number of different ministries during our time here. We did dramas, shared testimonies, preached, played with children, visited homes, went to bible studies, taught English, visited a nursing home, gave food to people sleeping in the streets and just lived life with the Pastor and the youth of the church.

It was hot- there were some days I would only be sitting down and have sweat dripping down my back. We found ways to relax and cool off at pools, the beach, and a lakehouse. Our month was busy, but I know the team enjoyed every minute of our time in El Salvador.

Let me tell you a little about our team. My co-leader’s name is Alaina. We have a team of 7 students. 5 young women and 2 young men. One girl is from Canada and one of the guys is from England. So things are always interesting and we are learning tons of new words. I even learned to play cricket which I find very fun.

It was hard to leave El Salvador. But we all know we signed up for a Central America Expedition trip and God is leading us to three different countries during our time on the field. We formed great relationships that we know we will keep for the rest of our lives.

We have now made it safely to Costa Rica- after a 21 hour bus ride and going through the countries of Honduras and Nicaragua. We are reaching the halfway point of our trip and are excited about the growth that has already taken place and the growth that will continue throughout Costa Rica and then onto Panama.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Blessings from Costa Rica.

-Jamie Ham

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