1 Nov 2012

November 2012

From the Pen of Pastor Barb Lemke

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“Now thank we all our God,” (do we?)

“With hearts and hands and voices,” (Loving, serving, caring, singing, sharing kind words of love and praise.)

“Who wondrous things has done,” (God made the stars, the sun and the moon. The air that we breathe is a gift God has given. Our hope and life lies in God.)

“In whom his world rejoices;” (The birds sing with joy and the melodies are raised in praise. The sounds of the insects, the animals, the water rushing in the streams . . . and the beats of praise continue from the ends of the earth.)

“Who, from our mothers’ arms, Has blest us on our way — With countless gifts of love, And still is ours today.” (God’s blessings are flowing and moving around us each and every day. We have been touched with our families, friends, jobs and children . . . there are blessings around us if we were to only open our eyes and look.)

The hymn, “Now Thank We All Our God” is a reminder to us that God deserves our thanks and praise. No matter where we look we can see the blessings of God around us and yet, how often do we stop to think OR to see what is before our very eyes. How often do each of us take time to rededicate our lives to the One who has blessed us with gifts of love?

Well, this month we will begin with thoughts of thanksgiving to God through the Reaffirmation of Faith by our young people. It has come with a slight change in our Confirmation schedule. This year Confirmation will take place on All Saints Sunday as opposed to the Reformation Sunday time of past years. What an appropriate weekend to celebrate with our young people who are confessing their faith in the God who has blessed them.

All Saints Sunday is a day when we remember those in the faith who have gone before us and we give thanks for the many ways God has used them to touch our lives. This year our young people will be sharing, with thanksgiving, the multiple ways in which God has blessed them through the reading of their “What Jesus Means to Me” papers on Saturday evening, November 3rd at 5:30 p.m., followed by the service of Reaffirmation of Faith on Sunday the 4th. I pray you will set this time to the side to celebrate with all of us.

I would hope that all of us would make November a time of thanking God by starting the month reaffirming our own faith along with our young people. From there let us lift up our lives with thanksgiving for all of God’s gills as we learn of our ministries through Lutheran Family Services, collect food for those in need with helps from Thrivent and seek many opportunities to THANKSLIVE all month.

In Christ,

Pastor Barb

November 3, 5:30-7:30 P.M., Confirmation Dinner/Reading of Papers

November 4, 11:00 A.M., Confirmation of Youth

November 11, Lutheran Family Services Temple Talk

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