1 Dec 2012

December 2012

From the Pen of Pastor Barb Lemke

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Advent is upon us and there has been much confusion around Bethel. People started planning Advent activities to begin the last weekend in November… in fairness, so often Advent does begin the weekend after Thanksgiving and our planners were going from past experience… but, alas they were mistaken. Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas, so for us the activities begin on December 2nd. The calendar is full of wonderful events as we celebrate the greatest present of all.

The anticipation which can be felt in this season is often driven by commercialism, and this is unfortunate as it takes away from the anticipation and preparation for Christ’s return. There is a feeling of expectation as we get ready to walk through the marvelous season of Advent to get to the beautiful season of Christmas. The world just doesn’t have it. For they jump too quickly into Christmas without the proper preparation, and definitely without knowing what it is all about. Christmas is

NOT about gifts, it is about THE GIFT! THE PRESENT! All of the trimmings of Christmas are to draw us into a deeper understanding of the joy of God and God`s love for us. The music, not the secular music, centers us… prepares us… focuses us and reminds us of the TRUE GIFT.

Our theme for Advent is “The Present IS the Presence”! Mark your Wednesday evenings to join in the joy of the season. Our tbcus will be how the presence of Christ comes to us and we then truly experience God’s rich PRESENT of grace.

Remember, Christ has come…. Christ will come again.

Blessings in our Christ,

Pastor Barb

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