Sunday School

For Children, Teens, And Adults

Sunday School at Bethel Lutheran Church is for people of ALL ages during the “traditional” school year.  From September through May classes are available for children as well as teens and adults.  Preschool through 5th Grade use a prepared program from Augsburg Fortress (the publishing house for the ELCA), while 6th Grade through 12th Grade have been using the “Dare to Share” Bible Studies.

Read on a little further to learn more of our Sunday School Program, expectations and purpose.

Witness Sunday School Curriculum For Children

The curriculum used for Preschool through 5th Grade Sunday School comes from Augsburg Fortress and is well loved both by the children and the teachers alike.  The goal of Sunday School is to teach the followers of Jesus, no matter how young to become wonderful WITNESSES for Jesus.

A witness is someone who:

  • KNOWS the Word
  • GROWS in Faith, and
  • SHOWS Service


The WITNESS Sunday School Program Is:

  • Biblical: based on a strong biblical foundation
  • Mission-oriented: dedicated to the mission to “Learn from the Bible to Live the Good News”
  • Salvation story focused: Committed to teaching the salvation story each year within a complete two year cycle (Year Red and Year Blue) of well-loved Bible stories
  • Age-appropriate: Focused on presenting the Bible stories in a way that engages learners appropriately for their age


Sunday School Schedule For Youth

Sunday School for youth runs from September through May from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM at the same time as the Adult Studies.

Adult Studies on Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings, the adults gather together to discuss the Gospel text for the day.  In a very non-threatening atmosphere we read, talk, share and laugh together as we learn.  Join us at 10:45 AM during the summer or at 9:45 AM from September through May.