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Who We Are And What We Believe

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Dear brothers and sisters,

We are all very different from each other, and yet many, if not most, of us ask similar questions about life.

First, how are we different? In so many ways. We are…

  • Men and women
  • Young and old
  • Married, single or divorced
  • Straight or gay
  • In good health or frail
  • Enabled or handicapped in some ways
  • Employed, underemployed, unemployed or retired
  • Black, brown, white, yellow or red or members of another racial group or of mixed race
  • Americans or hyphenated Americans or members of various ethnic groups or nationalities from around the world
  • First-generation and second-generation Americans or those whose roots go back to territorial or colonial times
  • Well-to-do or just getting by or, maybe, not getting by at all
  • Regular church goers or haven’t been inside a church in decades
  • Of one particular Christian background, or from several traditions or from no tradition at all
  • Comfortable with our early church experiences, indifferent to them, lacking in them or, perhaps, terrified by them
  • Long-time residents, newcomers to town or just visiting

Perhaps you recognize yourself here. In spite of our differences, we, as human beings, ask many of these same questions…

  • Why am I here?
  • What is the purpose for my life?
  • What is the good?

Do you find yourself asking these questions? If you do, it is profoundly important, because the way we answer these questions affects both how we view ourselves and how we view our place in the world.

Here, in brief, is Bethel’s approach to the answers:

As our pastor often says, Christianity is different from all other religions in this way: In other religions, people reach up to their God while, in Christianity, God reaches down to his people. Think about this. God loves you and saves you through his grace alone. He has given his only begotten son to die for us and redeem us from our sin. Perhaps we haven’t earned this. Perhaps we don’t deserve this. But, it is so.

Because we are so joyful about and grateful for this, we are inspired to do good works and help others. We do this out of love and a sense of freedom, not because we have to in order to earn our way towards salvation. By the way, these wonderful ideas, to give them a name, are called the Theology of the Cross. This life-giving and healthful theology puts God and his grace at the center.

Sometimes, even Christians can get this wrong. They believe that they have to earn salvation through good works in order to become saved. They may believe that they are never quite good enough to deserve God’s love. They may even feel, when bad things happen to them, that these things came about because they just didn’t have enough faith. Just so you know, these mistaken, yet often popular, ideas are called the Theology of Glory. This mistaken and damaging theology puts man and his works at the center.

In simple terms, this is who we are and what we believe: The short answer is that we are everyday people who believe that God loves us because, well, he just does. That’s it – God Is Love!

Here’s a somewhat longer and more complete answer…

We at Bethel are a diverse group of Christians who, touched by the Holy Spirit, have faith in a loving God who reaches down to us and forgives us and saves us through his grace. Because of this, we are now free to be the joyous and loving children of God. And, because of this, we want to reach out to help others in need. We believe that God has given his only begotten son to die for us and redeem us from our sin. We also believe that God reveals himself to us through scripture. We are not perfect, but we are all repentant sinners, forgiven and saved by God’s mercy and grace. We stand firmly in the Theology of the Cross which puts God and his grace at the center. We are saved…

By Word – By Faith – By Grace – By Christ

We would like you to consider coming along with us on this journey.

To God alone the glory,

The Members of Bethel Lutheran Church

To arrange for your first visit to Bethel, please email us at welcome@bethelaurora.org or call our New Visitors Hotline: 303-364-2245.